You can buy Bella's Breaking Dawn wedding dress

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For all you Twilight obsessives, Kristen Stewart's gown will be available.

Is Kate Middleton's wedding dress just a bit too passe for you now? Are you looking for the next big design for your own wedding?

One that you can guarantee about a zillion other brides will also be wearing? One that your friends and family will tease you mercilessly for choosing when they find out it's because of your Twilight obsession?

Then have I got some news for you!

Replicas of the gown that Kristen Stewart will wear to saunter up the aisle to marry Robert Pattinson - well, that Bella wears to marry Edward anyway - will be available from the November release date of the film.

Let's face it, when Kristen marries she'll do exactly as she does at big premieres - wear the gown for the ceremony and then be comfy in skinny jeans, trainers and a hoodie at the reception.

But, seeing a chance for a quick buck, the Daily Mail reports that designer Alfred Angelo will be copying Bella's dress as fast as he can, and selling the design for somewhere between £300 and £3000 - according to the prices of his other gowns.

Author Stephanie Meyer describes it as, "...a simpler style than the frillier Edwardian stuff. Elegant white satin, cut on the bias, with long sleeves."

If you can afford it, you have a couple of months to work out if you can cope with the teasing!

Along with Robert Pattinson's Rags by Rob range, the Twilight crew have us covered.

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