Tom Hardy is a big 'softie' really

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The Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star says that he's a big softie, and just wants to be left alone...

Tom Hardy softie
Tom Hardy has said that he's a big 'softie' in real life, and really just wants to spend time with his fiancé, Charlotte Riley, and three-year-old son Louis from a previous relationship.

Speaking with Tom in an interview for his film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Hardy told us. "There is a softie within me, you know, I'm someone's dad, I have a three year old who means the world to me. I really just want to be with my missus and my son and my dog and do films and be left alone."

Hardy, who has played numerous tough guy roles including that of notorious British criminal Charles Bronson, admitted that he bases his performances on what would frighten him in real life.

"In all honesty all the tough characters I've played have been a bit mad, a bit strong and a bit tough," he said, "but I've just put on the outside what I consider to look strong and that's being observed by somebody who is terrified of being hurt. I think the most fundamental thing about security is to know where your vulnerabilities are and where your weak spots are and because I'm terrified of being damaged I've learnt to see it coming, so when you see my characters those are people who scare me."

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