Kristen Stewart assures us all Twilight is very sexy

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Sex scene in Breaking Dawn: Part I were apparently too sexy, and cut from the final version.

All those looks between Bella and Edward in the Twilight Saga so far will finally come to a head - once their married, of course - in Breaking Dawn: Part I, and Kristen Stewart's been talking it up.

She told Access Hollywood:

"It doesn't get more action-packed... [But] they definitely get more physical. Well, they get married.

"We totally have sex - finally!"

Yeah, we all know Kristen and Robert Pattinson are together offscreen as well as on, and apparently that offscreen practice led to major sparks on set. In a new Glamour interview, Kristen said:

"It was so weird, it didn't even feel like we were doing a Twilight film. I was like, 'Bella! What are you doing? Wow! What is happening here?!'

"It was very surreal. We [originally] got rated R. They re-cut it."

All that pillow-biting, eh? Hands up - who wants an unrated DVD release...

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