Amelia Lily gets a three record deal

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Frankie Cocozza and the rest of the runner-up X Factor contestants are left behind, as Amelia prepares to release debut album.

And they're off!

Amelia Lily is the first of last year's X Factor contestants to sign a record deal - which is sure to spark at least a bit of rage in Frankie Cocozza.

After making her cry in a car park during the competition, he got booted off the show when he bragged about drug use, and she was allowed back in.

Now she's signed a £500,000 deal as the first artist to be signed to Xenomania's record label - the songwriters who have written tracks for Girls Aloud and The Gossip.

It's not just for one album - they reckon that the pink-haired singer has three records in her.

A source told the Mirror:

"Amelia will be the perfect popstar and has fantastic hit-makers who were behind some of The Saturdays' and Girls Aloud's best songs. It'll be a great combination."

Right now it sounds like she won't be disappearing without a trace like the majority of contestants… but what's the betting we'll actually remember her in five years time?

She rightly predicted her biggest competition last year.

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