Megan Fox is so simple when it comes to style

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She literally doesn't even think about what she's wearing on the red carpet, except for the pain-factor of her shoes...

Anyone who says that a premiere is more about the red carpet style than the movie… would be right.

Luckily for celebs, though, they don't have to spend weeks worrying about the perfect dress or the perfect outfit like I do when I have a big event coming up.

Actually, that panic sets in when I'm confronted by my wardrobe any given morning…

Still, for Hollywood stars it's a much simpler task, as Megan Fox has revealed.

They just leave it all to someone else.

She's on the promo trail at the moment for new movie Friends With Kids - starring awesome people like Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Adam Scott, Jon Hamm and Chris O'Dowd - and apparently hasn't had to think about what she's wearing once.

She told US Weekly about the uncomplicated thought process that goes into all those photos we see of her:

"I have a stylist. She says, 'Wear that.' I say, 'OK.'

"The only thing that I pick are the shoes.

"If they're uncomfortable, I say, 'no'."

Well, at least she has her boundaries set…

None of these looks are Megan's handiwork.

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