Who the heck are StooShe?

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Girlband trio StooShe are loud, proud and taking over the radio with new song Love Me feat. Travie McCoy

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How long has it been since we had a great girlband trio? No, Cleopatra don't count (remember them?!) and the Sugababes are a completely different band to the original line-up. We are talking Destiny's Child, TLC-style girl bands: full of attitude with catchy pop songs and maybe, just maybe, a hint of girl power. Step up StooShe.

Three London girls, Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold, are the R&B/pop/hip-hop explosion known as StooShe. They are currently one of the most talked about new acts: not only for their new single Love Me, featuring Travie McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. Love Me is a cheekily outrageous, obvious winner of a pop song, filled to the brim with double entendres and a saucy wink of melody. It's easy to see why they were nominated in the BBC Sound of 2012 poll - these girls are bringing something fun to the pop scene.

Their eye-poppingly bright outfits are typical girlband fodder, but it's nice to see three girls with distinctly different styles, experimental hair and tattoos in a pop group - there is definitely a sense of Spice Girls-esque individuality about StooShe. On their website, you can even ask each of the girls for Agony Aunt life advice! Their debut album Swings and Roundabouts is out soon but in the meantime, enjoy the video for Love Me ft. Travie McCoy - it has just gone to number five in the Official Chart.
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