Breaking Dawn Part 2 - Bella as a vampire!

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A sneaky online clip of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has leaked, showing Kristen Stewart as a vampire Mrs Cullen

Twilight fans will remember that at the end of Breaking Dawn - Part 1, we had just witnessed Bella (Kristen Stewart) undergoing the gory birth of her half vamp-half human child, and briefly waking up as her new vampiric self. All we saw were her blood-red eyes, which was enough to tell Twi-hards that she had made the leap from human to supernatural.

With a few months to go before the very last (sob!) instalment of the Twilight saga arrives, we've all been wondering how the new Mrs Cullen will look now she is a bonafide vamp. In the book, author Stephanie Mayer describes vampire Bella as breathtakingly beautiful - and while Kristen Stewart is not exactly lacking in the looks department, it was still unclear how she was going to transform. A video has leaked online showing a teaser clip from Breaking Dawn - Part 2, in which we get to see Bella in her new incarnation.

Does vampire Bella look how you imagined she would? Have you lost interest in Twilight now that The Hunger Games movie is on the horizon? Let us know below!

*Click through for more Breaking Dawn - Part 2 pics and to watch the teaser clip*
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