Lindsay Lohan under house arrest

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In an attempt to stay out of trouble before her next court appearance, Lindsay Lohan has placed herself under voluntary house arrest

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It may not be her fault, but trouble does seem to follow Lindsay Lohan wherever she goes. Every time the starlet steps out of her frontdoor or goes on a night out, some sort of calamity seems to occur. Over the past few weeks, there was an alleged hit-and-run incident outside a club, but Lindsay's team said that "At no point was there ever any indication that her car hit anyone or anything" and on Friday apparently she witnessed another hit-and-run outside of a club.

In order to avoid being involved in any more drama before her next appearance in court on 29th March, Lindsay has taken the extreme (yet astoundingly sensible) decision to place herself under self-imposed house arrest. She has promised not to leave her home unless absolutely necessary.

Now when you are a Hollywood superstar, we would imagine that Lindsay has various assistants and friends who should be able to supply her with everything she might need, so in theory this should be the last time we see her before her court date. Let's watch this space...
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