Jay Z took a leaf out of Rihanna's book by taking a train to his gig

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Seems the ROC Nation family prefer the underground rather than the usual fancy cars!

Jay Z at the 40/40 Club

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Last year Rihanna sent her fans into a frenzy when they found the star using our very own London Underground to get to her 02 gigs.

Now Jay Z has decided to see what all the fuss is about as he chose to hop on a New York subway to make his way to his sell out show at the newly opened Brooklyn Barclays Centre.

While Rihanna managed to make her journey with fans politely asking for a few snaps, Jay Z was mobbed by excited fans.

It seems the rap star had anticipated that things might get a bit hectic as he surrounded himself with bodyguards, police and camera crews.

We bet he loves getting reactions like this from his home town.

Have a look at the madness below...

Which celeb would you love to spot on public transport?

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