Mr Big marries his real-life Carrie Bradshaw

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Sex and the City's Chris Noth wed his long-term girlfriend last weekend - find out where and how they met...

While I'll always think of Chris Noth as Mr Big, he actually has a real life away from his fictional counterpart, and got married this weekend.

His Carrie Bradshaw is called Tara Wilson, and they jetted off to Maui in Hawaii last week to get married on Friday in a private ceremony with family and friends.

So, how did they meet?

Well, Chris and Tara started dating when she worked at his New York bar and jazz club The Cutting Room - sounds like dating the boss is allowed there…

They got engaged three years ago, and have a 4-year-old son named Orion.

I'm sending some massive congratulations to Chris, both for his wedding, and for managing to follow up Sex and the City with another amazing TV show in The Good Wife.

Nice job!
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