Can you really trust his online dating profile?

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We've discovered the ten most common things men lie about online. Are you ready to take off the rose tinted specs?

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Being told that men bend the truth on their online dating profiles isn't exactly shocking too us, but there's a little white lie and a really BIG LIE, right?

According to online dating agency, Beautiful People, men commonly tell ten different porky pies to attract a lady friend.

If his profile sounds too good to be true take a look below...

The most common online dating profile lies

'I have the coolest job in the world' - Lots of men will pretend their job is better than it is, but some will create a job in healthcare, finance or film to make themselves sound more interesting.

I'm 6'2" and still growing - Research suggests he's at least 2 inches shorter in real life.

I'm fit and healthy - Lots of men add or remove pounds on their profiles to sound better, but they're no worse than us ladies - we exaggerate our bust size and often say we're slimmer online.

I'm built like an Olympian - If he claims to have the body of a Greek god wait for the proof before you start planning your children.  44% of men admit lying about their overall appearance, so don't assume the photograph he's given is an accurate representation.

I'm loaded - 40% of men admit to lying about their wage online and research suggests that they could be up to 20% poorer in real life.

I'm the boss at my company - Research shows men pretend to be more senior at work to impress the ladies and assert their 'masculine authority'.

This is a recent picture of me - Some online dating sites argue the more attractive the picture, the older it actually is. Men tend to post images of themselves at the height of their attractiveness meaning it could be up to five years old.

I'm best mates with Daniel Craig and Ryan Gosling - Many blokes seem to think being bffs with a celeb is the be all and end all of online dating. Chaps, we don't care.

My PA will take your call - Or most likely it's his sister pretending to be his PA.

I'm a big-wig in the film industry - When men lie about their profession, this is the most common 'fake job' they choose. Go figure.

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