Tulisa dedicates song to her sex tape ex Justin Edwards!

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The X Factor judge performs David Guetta's Titanium during her Wireless Festival set

Tulisa Wireless Festival 08/07/2012
Tulisa is one girl we don't want to get angry any time soon! While performing her set at Barclaycard's Wireless Festival in Hyde Park on Saturday, Tulisa took the opportunity to send a little message to her sex tape ex.

Before she went into her cover of David Guetta's song 'Titanium', she gave this lovely little dedication:

"This is to my d**khead ex boyfriend, Justin f****** Edwards!!"

Justin Edwards allegedly released a video of Tulisa performing a sexual act though he denies having anything to do with it.

Tulisa also stuck up her middle finger before getting the crowd to join with her.

All we can think is ' I am a woman, hear me roar'!

Would you ever want to mess with Tulisa?
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