WATCH: Amelia Lily's debut video

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Last year's X Factor finalist is back with a bang...

Amelia Lily

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Amelia Lily was a big talking point in last year's X Factor. Do you remember her dramatic return after Frankie Cocosa got kicked out? It's definitely good to see her releasing some original music now the show's done.

And can we also point out how good it is to see that she's back to blonde! That pink hair just wasn't the way forward for her.

Anyway, since leaving the show Amelia has been signed up to a 3 album record deal by Xenomania - yes those are the guys who write Girls Aloud's tracks! Not too bad eh?

We wonder how she'll do compared to fellow contestant Misha B who just missed out on charting in the top ten with her debut single, Home Run.

Take a look at the video for You bring me joy below...

She looks great but we aren't sure if we feel about song yet. Plus it's a bit risky to release so close to Little Mix don't ya think?

Do you like her new single?
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