Straight, gay, bisexual....asexual: One percent of population experience NO feelings of attraction

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Experts believe the 'sexualisation' of our culture has created a fourth orientation....

Straight, gay, bisexual....all of these sexual orientations are a way of describing who a person is attracted to. But scientists are now calling for a fourth orientation to be added to the list, which categorises people who experience no feelings of sexual attraction at all.

It is estimated that one percent of the population (that's about 70million people worldwide) consider themselves to be asexual, with some of the people surveyed saying they had no sex drive whatsoever.

According to Professor Anthony Bogaert, there are two types of asexuality; people who have some level of sex drive, but don't direct this towards others (so they masturbate) and others who have never and don't want to have sex.

Professor Bogaert believes that this could be caused by the overwhelming pressure and importance placed on sex in our modern culture. He believes that as our society becomes more liberal, asexual men and women will feel comfortable enough to be open about their orientation.

Many asexual individuals still want to form close and lasting emotional bonds with other people. Many want to get married and have children through IVF to avoid having sex, according to New Scientist Magazine.

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