Want to be successful? All you need is an arrogant streak according to a new study

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Don't worry about your exam-results or your slightly lacklustre CV because all you need is a big helping of confidence according to a new academic survey....

Work confidence
It's time to start showing off your skills ladies because self-esteem, confidence and a bit of an ego are the essential tools for getting ahead

According to a new academic study, people who radiate confidence are more respected by their colleagues and even promoted ABOVE their actual capabilities.

Workers with an ego are more likely to be popular and influential in the office, even though they may not be intelligent.

Research printed in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology discovered that those with an arrogant streak are more likely to trump their modest peers despite not being as capable.

Lord Alan Sugar's right-hand woman, Karen Brady, is the perfect example of how harbouring a massive ego can help you get ahead. A a young age she lied about having a degree in order to get on a highly competitive graduate scheme in advertising. She then used her highly persuasive nature to talk one of her clients into buying a near-bankrupt football club.

At 23, she was the Managing Director of Birmingham City and she made her mark by sacking staff and showing a no-fear approach to business. The rest, they say, is history.

Of course, we're not suggesting that everyone lie and adopt Mariah Carey-style diva tactics to force their way to the top, but it's worth evaluating your own office-ego to see how you could show off your talent in a more effective way.

To give you a push in the right direction, here are our top five tips to help you find your arrogant streak and use it to stay on the top of your game....

1. Speak up: Don't ever let someone 'represent' you at work; voice your own opinions where possible and don't let anyone take credit for your work. If you're vying for a promotion, nominate yourself for important tasks and show you're willing by accepting overtime when it's offered.

2. Bite your tongue: You may hate your boss with a passion, but that's no reason why you can't maintain a convenient relationship with them. Ask them about their weekend, their children, mention the weather, talk about the football....anything to get them talking. Two months later when you ask for a raise/promotion he/she should be more receptive to your request because they feel like they know you.

3. Forget modesty: Modesty has no place in the office. No one wants to hear that you're 'Okay' at something - you don't have to be an expert in computer science to be perfectly capable of using a PC! Don't lie on your CV but don't be afraid to big yourself up either. If you're persuasive, efficient, organised or financially gifted you need to tell everyone in the first paragraph of your CV (employers very rarely get to the end).

4. Stop worrying about what others think: The minute you start being more assertive and confident is probably the moment one of your colleagues starts to bitch behind your back. Let them embarrass themselves because you can rise above it.

5. It's not arrogant to say you're good: Saying you can do something and do it well is not arrogant if it's grounded in past experience and skill.  Arrogance is where someone assumes they're better and more superior to others without having any experience to back up their confidence. If you start to worry, just think of Karen Brady!

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