Spying on your ex on Facebook stops you getting over them

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It can be all too tempting to use social media to check up on what your ex is getting up to, but it may be stopping you from moving on...

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You can catch up with long lost friends, keep in touch with distant relatives, oh, and spy on what your ex is doing. With over 900 million users worldwide, Facebook is part of everyday life. But for many of us, it can torture us through a break up.

One third of users admit to using Facebook to check up on old flames - possibly delaying their ability to heal emotionally and move on with their lives.

An article titled Facebook Surveillance of Former Romantic Partners: Association with Post Breakup Recovery and Personal Growth, published in Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking looked into the effects of continual Facebook contact and surveillance of an ex-partner.

Studying 464 unlucky-in-love participants, researchers monitored their Facebook usage following a breakup and plotted their emotional recovery.

Looking at negative feelings, sexual desire, emotional longing for their ex, and feelings of reduced personal growth - the study tracked their ability to move forward.

Turns out those doing a spot of digi-spying found it harder to get on with their lives.

Sounds like time to do a spot of de-friending...

What do you think? Do you still check up on your ex? 

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