Cheryl Cole wants new boyfriend to meet Ashley Cole

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Erm, we're not sure what Cheryl is hoping to get from this...

Cheryl Cole

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We try to keep our ex's away from new boyfriends but it seems Cheryl Cole prefers to do the opposite.

Despite his cheating ways, Cheryl has kept in contact with her former husband Ashley Cole and now she wants her new lover Tre Holloway to meet him.

Speaking to The Daily Star, a source said: "Cheryl thinks it might be a good idea for the pair of them to meet at some point."

"Tre hasn't kicked up a massive fuss about it but it's hard for any man if their girlfriend is in touch with her ex."

The American dancer apparently doesn't mind meeting Ashley but sources say he's got a issue with the fact Cheryl has kept the footballer's surname.

The source added: "Tre wants to meet Ashley, he's intrigued by the man Cheryl was married to and remains in touch with."

"Tre also finds it tough that Cheryl has no plans to change her surname, even though it's Ashley's."

Somehow we don't think the guys will become best buds but we're sure Chezza knows what she's doing.

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