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Blake Lively gets to roll around with Aaron Johnson AND Taylor Kitsch! We are green with envy...

What's the film about?

The happy threesome gets complicated when their shared girlfriend gets kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel.

The rest of the film takes us on a crazy journey full of betrayal as they try and get back their beloved O.

Who's in it? Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, John Travolta, Emile Hirsch

Handbag hearts: Salma Hayek! She is amazing in this film. We want to be her. But before we start sounding like the leader of the Salma fan club, we did like some other performances as well.

Benito Del Toro and John Travolta were amazing in every scene they were part of but obviously our eyes were glued to hotties Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch!

The whole film was fun, sexy and just a wild ride. We haven't been creeped out by a bda guy like Benito for a long while.

Complaints: Blake Lively voice is a bit annoying in the voice over's but we are aware that we were probably only thinking this because she was sharing sex scenes with the men of our dreams.

While we liked having a twist at the end, we kind of preferred how the film was going before it happened.

Verdict: Salma Hayek steals the show and while jealously levels of Blake Lively will reach an all time high.

Is Blake Lively pregnant?

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