Girls Aloud have got fans excited with a countdown clock on their website

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These girls sure know how to tease...can they just release the single already!

Nicola Roberts, Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh

© Twitter/Nicola Roberts

We don't really know how much longer we can wait for this Girls Aloud reunion shindig!

Luckily it seems we only have another 9 days to go before we finally get some real news about the girls and their reunion project.

The band have put up a countdown clock on their website with the number ten written above it.

And that's all we're getting until the clock stops!

All we know so far it is that the new single has been recorded and the girls apparently filmed the video last week. And they are set to make the comeback with a performance on Strictly Come Dancing.

The band were spotted together an after party for Cheryl Cole's A Million Lights concert in London over the weekend.

Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl were snapped partying together at Whiskey Mist before heading off into the night in taxis.

Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts

© Twitter/Nadine Coyle

We can't help but notice Cheryl and Nadine Coyle weren't in any pics together and a certain Sarah Harding was missing from the night out too.

Check out the countdown here

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