Melanie Masson gets The X Factor boot

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Gary Barlow suffers contestant elimination for the second weekend in a row

X Factor contestant Melanie Masson
Gary Barlow's week got from bad to worse as his act Melanie Masson got booted out of the X Factor. Having stormed off last weekend after Carolynne Poole was voted off, Gary seemed a lot calmer but still confused as to why one of the best singers on the show was not safe.

He tweeted: "So disappointed @MelanieMasson1 has gone ! What's happening out there ?

The 44-year-old was in the bottom two alongside District 3 and got the chop after the voting went to deadlock. Here's what happened:

We really thought Melanie was going to make it to next week's show after her amazing survival sing off. Watch it here...

It wasn't meant to be and her exit leaves Gary with two remaining overs. Let's hope the judge has a better week...

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