Top 10 ways to earn some extra money

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Stop searching at the bottom of your handbag for pennies and start earning some money

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Don't make New Year the time when you're skint. Take a look at our 10 tips for quick ways to earn some extra money.

Make money by Recycling your old mobile phone

With a new phone launched onto the market almost every month, you're bound to have a few old phones gathering dust. Selling your old phones is easy, check out sites like to find out how much money your old phone is worth.

Rent out your spare room for quick cash

If you're lucky enough to have a spare room in your house, then why not put it up for rent? Social travel sites like allow you to set your own price, and what's more, guests (and hosts) are reviewed after each stay so you can make sure you get someone reliable.

Become a mystery shopper

Get paid for your Saturday shopping sesh by becoming a mystery shopper. Check out sites like and GFK Mysteryshopping to see how much you could earn. You won't have to accept all jobs offered to you and you could find yourself trying out anything from new restaurants to the latest fashion boutiques and high-street stores.

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Take part in paid surveys

Taking part in paid surveys is easy - all you have to do is sign up, sit back and answer questions from the comfort of your own home. Responding to surveys also gives you an excuse to vent about things that you dislike and shout about the things you do. Check out sites like and to sign up.

Rent out your parking space

If you've got a spare parking space in a high-profile city spot (or right near a festival camping site), you can rent it out for others to use. Try or to see how much your bit of concrete is worth.

Sell your old clothes online

Sites like are a great way to sell your last season clothes online - you can even swap with other people if you see something of theirs that catches your eye.

Sell your old DVDs

We've all fallen into the trap of watching a movie once and then putting it up on the 'DVD shelf' to gather dust. Why not make some easy cash by putting old DVDs up on Amazon or eBay instead? It only takes a couple of minutes to create an account, and it's an easy way to get rid of unwanted clutter.

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Review products to make money

If you are a bit of a critic when it comes to the latest consumer products, then giving feedback through video sites like may be just the thing for you. All you need to do is sign up and film yourself trying out a product before uploading it on to the site.

Get cash back when shopping online

If you shop online through sites like Quidco you can get cash back from your purchases - so you're basically earning money every time you spend.

Share knowledge and start tutoring

If you've got good qualifications in science, history, maths, English or art you could about £25 per hour by sharing your knowledge. Sites like Tutor Doctor and Tutor Hunt allow you to sign up and help students in your area.



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