Justin Timberlake to perform 'tongue-in-cheek' wedding dance

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JT to bust a move for his new bride at upcoming wedding. Hi-larious...

Justin Timberlake at Stand Up To Cancer benefit, LA

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Justin Timberlake is reported to be performing a funny wedding dance to an *N Sync song for Jessica Biel on their wedding day.

The singer has apparently been practicing hard with his ushers as they have worked out a routine to It's Gonna Be Me by his former band.

A source told The Sun, "Justin has been working on this for months. Jessica used to love the track growing up and he wants it as a special treat."

They added, "It will be very much tongue-in-cheek. There will be loads of exaggerated boy band moves and poses. She's going to love it."

The pair's secret wedding is rumoured to be happening this weekend near Naples, Italy.

Justin showed he isn't afraid of a good comedy dance routine last year, when he took on Single Ladies with Beyoncé on Saturday Night Live.

Man, that boy can wear a leotard...

He won't be the first groom to put on a show for his bride, as funny dances have become a huge trend.

Maybe some of these top wedding dances might give you a bit of last minute inspiration Justin?

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What's your funny wedding dance verdict? Hilarious or down-right cringeworthy?

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