Pick up some needles for Wool Week with these beginner alpaca knitting kits

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Dakota Fanning does it, Lauren Conrad loves it, isn't it time you started knitting?

Toft alpaca shop knitting kit
Famous faces from across celeb land have already cottoned on to the fact that knitting isn't just for Nanas.

From Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Heigl, Cameron Diaz to Dakota Fanning - these fashion savvy women are all picking up their needles to make themselves something snuggly for winter.

So what better time to start learning a new craft than during in Wool Week? The highlight of The Campaign for Wool which celebrates everything that's good about this lovely natural fibre.

If you're a knitting novice, try one of these gorgeous beginner scarf kits from The Toft Alpaca Shop.

Your kit comes with a beautiful undyed natural yarn, made from the fleece of British alpacas, along with the pattern.

Start with this easy pom pom scarf or moss stitch snood and you could be smugly showing off your hand-made creations in time for the cold snap.

Toft alpaca moss stitch snood kit

Pom pom scarf kit, £68, and snood kit, £50, both available now at The Toft Alpaca Shop, thetoftalpacashop.co.uk
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