Goodbye Twilight... 6 book to film adaptations set to replace Twilight

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The Twilight saga might be over but there's plenty of films to help fill the gap

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster
While it hurt us to say goodbye to the Twilight Saga, we thought we'd help out all your mourning fans by finding all the best new fantasy love films to help fill the fang shaped hole in your hearts.

Have a look at this lot below and let us know which one tickles your fancy...

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

Who's in it?

Jamie Campbell Bower (Twilight) , Lily Collins (The Blind Side), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Bend it like Beckham), Robert Sheehan (Misfits)

Why will we like it?

Who doesn't love a flick about butt-kicking angelic folk? This film seems a bit more gritty than Twilight was but we know the necessary love story is still there. Plus Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins have started going out in real life so they could totes be the new RPatz and KStew!

When is it out? 23 August 2013


There's already 5 books published in the series with the first novel being realised way back in 2007. Find out more on the official site.

Beautiful Creatures

Who's in it?

Alice Englert (Ginger and Rosa),Viola Davis (The Help), Emmy Rossum (The Day After Tomorrow)

Why will we like it?

This time the girl is the one with the powers and it's the human boy who has to chase her around. With the light versus dark battle being fought through witchcraft in this flick, we're expecting some pretty cool spells and a magical watch.

Plus we love Alice Englert after seeing her in Ginger and Rosa so we know she's going to be ace!

When is it out? 13 February 2013


Beautiful Creatures is the first of four books in the series so need to get going ASAP. Find out more on the official site, it has audio excerpts and all sorts.

Warm Bodies

Who's in it?

Nicholas Hoult (Skins), Dave Franco (21 Jump Street)

Why will we like it?

Well when was the last time you saw a love story about zombies. Warm Bodies looks a fun alternative to Twilight that's a bit less serious and a lot more cheeky.

It's been done by Summit who, as you know, produced Twilight so we feel we can trust them to deliver once again.

When is it out? 8 February 2013


Yep, just the one book so you have no excuse not to read this one in time for the release. Find out more on the official site.

The Host

Who's in it?

Diane Kruger (Troy) , Max Irons (Red Riding Hood), Saoirse Ronan (Atonement)

Why will we like it?

Well it's based on a book by Stephenie Meyer and we all know how well her last books did when turned into films. This is a much more sci-fi version of Twilight with aliens and a bit of a reverse love story going on.

When is it out? 23 March 2013


Most Twilight fans have probably already got The Host in their book pile. Find out more on the official site which has a handy audio clip for you the listen to.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Who's in it?

Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks,

Why will we like it?

We know we'll love this because The Hunger Games was awesome! We wish we could be half as amazing as Katniss and we can't wait to watch her character fight again in this sequel.

When is it out? 23 November 2013


If you somehow missed the Hunger Games obsession earlier in the year then get up to date on the official site.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Who's in it?

No one has a clue yet! Casting is taking forever...

Why will we like it?

The books have been a worldwide phenomenon and helped the world unleash their kinky side. What's not to like?

When is it out?

Again we have no idea. We almost wish they didn't announce anything about this film until it was a bit more official and together.


Obviously, if you haven't done the read of shame( or should we say pleasure) on your train or bus then you better get to it. Though there's not as much of a rush because we have a feeling we have a while to wait. Find out more on the official site.

So do you reckon Twilight will get forgotten thanks to this lot?



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