Dreading Monday morning? How to cope if you've embarrassed yourself

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If you had one too many at the Christmas party last night, here's our advice...

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It all started so well. You got dressed up in your brand new party frock, blow dried your hair and wore those incredibly uncomfortable (but very sexy) stiletto heels. You hit the bar with your colleagues for the Christmas Party and necked the first glass of champagne...

Seven glasses and three bottles of wine later and you were swinging your bra over your head, failing at karaoke and kissing your boss.

If this sounds familiar and you're dreading Monday morning, take a peek at our advice to help you cope with office party shame...

1. Don't pull a sickie

The first rule of the Monday after the staff party is not to call in sick. If you had a skin full at the party then there's no doubt you've already suffered and felt sick for most of the weekend, but you can't call in sick to avoid the inevitable office 'walk of shame'. Not only is it the coward's way out, it is also fairly obvious if you're ill the Monday following a staff party.

2. Fill in the gaps

You probably won't remember most of the night, so it might be worth calling a few work friends to fill in the hazier parts of the evening. If you did anything particularly bad, embarrassing or stupid then you probably want to know about it before you arrive at work on Monday. Otherwise you'll spend the entire day feeling paranoid and wondering exactly what it is that everyone else is sniggering about.

3. Apologise for your behaviour

If your friends remind you of something embarrassing or silly you did then you may want to apologise to those affected. For instance, perhaps you ate someone else's dessert because they went to the toilet, or maybe you spilt some drinks? If this is all you did then you're probably pretty lucky, but if you made a pass at someone in a drunken stupor then an apology is definitely in order.

4. Stick it out

You may get some looks, perhaps a few whispers but that comes with the territory. The sooner people get talking and laughing about it the sooner they will forget about it and it will all blow over. That is, unless you were truly drunk and did something spectacular, in which case it might take a while for everyone to forget.

5. Laugh it off

If you can, join in with the laughter. Laughing about that embarrassing rendition of Sexy and I Know It will make the whole affair fade faster. In all seriousness though, the Christmas party is there to celebrate the year you've just had, and is an opportunity for everyone to let their hair down. Just don't overdo, else you'll end up as THAT girl.

For more pre and post party advice visit Eventa.

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