Top ten characters you'll spot at every office party: Part Two

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There's always a crier, a dancer, an obsessive organiser...

Tis' the season to be jolly. It's also the season to be jolly drunk at the annual office bash.

Experts claim that there are 10 party 'characters' who will be in attendance at every bash regardless of where it is, which industry you work for or how many people attend.

We revealed five of these characters yesterday, so click here if you haven't seen it yet!

According to the national bar and brasserie chain, Browns, the classic office party will always be dictated by the adventures of these 10 'characters' and they'll be the ones who are remembered when you get to work on Monday morning.

Here are the final five that you need to look out for...

5. The Brown Nose
You can easily spot this staff member at the Christmas party because they are glued to the boss. They'll be the one heartily laughing at their boss's awful jokes and buying drinks all night. They'll also be the one left looking heartbroken when the boss exits the party early before they had the chance to reveal their master plan for world domination.

4. The Dancer
Always a decade beyond their prime, the dancer will bust all manner of old-skool moves at the office party following years of secret disco-dancing classes. Thought you'd seen the last of the hand-jive? Oh no you haven't. This staff member will not vacate the dance floor – tonight it is their personal stage and the masses of open-mouthed colleagues sitting around the vicinity of the dance floor are their greatest audience.

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3. The Weeper
This is the staff member who refuses to leave their personal problems at the door to the Christmas party venue. If they're not crying in the toilets they're moping in a corner desperately texting their partner. Sit down next to them for five minutes and you'll be dragged into a psychological evaluation exercise for three hours. Not fun.

2. The Organiser
A painful death will meet anyone who decides to change their Christmas dinner choice at the last minute or bemoans the quality of the venue in front of the organiser. They have a list of everything (including other lists) and have arranged the staff party with military precision.

1. The Gatecrasher
Usually a friend or partner of a staff member, the gatecrasher has already been out on their own staff party at a venue across town earlier in the evening. Convinced that they have injected new life into your party, they'll be so sure of their 'legend' status they'll challenge guests to a Step Up-style dance-off and demand that your boss buys a round of drinks.

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