Taylor & Co's Top 8 tips to help you pick your perfect wedding rings

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We asked the experts where to start when it comes to buying wedding bands...

Wedding rings

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Now that you've got that massive diamond (hopefully) engagement ring on your finger it's time to start thinking about the perfect wedding ring.

Picking rings that both you and your partner are happy with isn't an easy task, but luckily the experts at Taylor&Co are here to help.

Specialising in custom-made engagement, wedding and eternity rings, Taylor&Co offer a massive range of shapes, sizes, colours and stones ensuring that your ring will be completely unique.

Here are their eight top tips to help you in the initial stages of choosing the perfect ring for your wedding day...

1. Match the metal of your wedding band to your engagement ring. Even though silver and platinum look the same, they won't cope with wear and tear the same way, so you could end up with noticeable differences.

2. If your engagement ring has a design, have your wedding ring shaped to fit so the two fit snugly together. This will be more comfortable to wear in the long term.

3. Ensure that your wedding ring does not over shadow your engagement ring.The wedding ring should be the simpler of the two.

4. Value the less is more philosophy. Don't go for something too big to start with because you can always add an eternity ring to your collection at a later date.

5. For grooms a 5-7mm band is recommended. Any thinner has a tendency to look too feminine.

6. Engrave the inside of your band with your wedding date or your names for an extra personal touch.

7. Ensure that your ring comes with a lifetime guarantee to protect against loss of stones, scratching, theft and other damage. If you are buying white gold rings it is also worth considering rhodium plating, which helps to protect the surface and give a lovely shiny finish.

8. Always choose a smooth diamond setting if you want to keep your ring on at all times.

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