The 10 best morning shows to help you escape from the world - part one

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There's nothing better than getting lost in a show! Here's our top picks...

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It's fair to say we all get to that point where we just need to get away for a few hours.

Starting the day with an endless list of errands, demands and commitments can make it difficult for even the most motivated of us to get out of bed and get on with life, particularly when the weather turns cold and the sun is just as reluctant to wake up as we are.

All we really want to do is escape from it all into an easier world filled with fantasy and fiction.

Whether it is catharsis through crime shows, laughter with comedies or a reminder of the old work place dynamics with medical dramas or office shows, fictional television provides an outlet for escape from the stark, humdrum day-to-day reality of mornings.

So we've compiled a list of our favourite morning series with which to relax, unwind and escape with entertainment.

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is a classic medical TV series, jammed packed with drama, romance and the relationship woes of attractive professionals.

The series begins, following Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) in her first year as a surgical intern and portrays the struggles of trying to be a successful surgeon and also maintain your own independent life.

The plot lines are so seductive that viewers can easily be consumed by the on goings at Seattle Grace Hospital and forget that they have their own lives to get on with once the episode finishes.


Friends is probably one of the most popular series to have ever been made on TV. The series ran for 9 years, and followed the lives of 6 unforgettable characters, Chandler (Matthew Perry), Joey (Matt Le Blanc), Ross (David Schwimmer), Phoebe (Lisa Kuddrow), Rachel (Jennifer Anniston) and Monica (Courtney Cox).

The hit comedy series is an ideal show to escape into, as it is very easy to grow attached to the characters so they're almost friends of ours and laugh along with them through their journey to becoming respectable grown ups.

Will & Grace

In 1998, TV viewing changed and the world was treated to the delights of the hilarious comedy Will & Grace. The hugely successful series follows the lives of best friends Will (Eric McCormack)) and Grace (Deborah Messing) and their two quirky friends Jack (Sean Hayes) and Karen (Megan Mullaly).

The two are soul mates but not lovers as Will is gay and Grace is straight. The show's charm and wit invites you into their world of eccentricity, helping to rid yourself of your own worries and irritations and start the day off with a much needed laugh and a giggle.

Dawson's Creek

This is the most ideal series to escape into on one of those hectic mornings and reminisce about our own teenage years, or at least how we wish they had been.

Amassing fans around the globe, the show launched the careers of some of Hollywood's favourite faces, including Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams.

The characters are always in the middle of a teen drama, whether it be over which boy to chose, sexuality, addiction or death, but they also very easy to identify with as you travel on their journey with them and laugh and cry with them.


The Emmy award winning series ER over its 14 series was considered one of TV's best drama series. The medical drama puts its viewers on an emotional roller coaster in nearly every episode. The chaos of the fictional Chicago ER was always full of patients of all varying degrees of severity, and the doctors' personal lives were even more intense.

Main characters were put through cancer, heart break, death and many other heart wrenching plot lines that made the show such a success. The perfect morning break from reality; let's not forget it also starred the one and only George Clooney.

Look out for part 2 where we check out even more amazing morning shows...

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