A guide for Prince William to surviving Christmas with the in-laws

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William is due to spend his first Christmas with the Middletons...

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Prince William has announced he will be spending Christmas this year at the in-laws.

Being a dutiful husband, William will be joining his pregnant wife Kate Middleton's family instead of his usual stay at Sandringham.

But spending your first Christmas with your other half's family can be tricky. If you're doing a Wills this year, here are some top tips to avoid any family stress this festive season...

Set out your plans in advance

Kate and Wills made the decision of where they were spending Christmas before Kate became pregnant - top marks.

You have to give your families notice about what your plans are over the holidays. If everyone knows where they stand - it will save a lot of disappointment further down the line.

Find out about family traditions

Be aware that your partner's family will do Christmas differently to yours.

Prince William for example can look forward to Kate and Pippa's Dad getting dressed up for the amusement of his family. Apparently a couple of years ago he donned a sumo costume on Christmas Day. As you do.

When they open presents, what they have for Christmas dinner, what games they play - all these nostalgic family activities will be different. It can make you feel quite homesick if you do not prepare yourself in advance.

Remember you're a team

Whilst you are being welcomed into your other half's family, remember that you are your partner are your own unit now.

Your beau should protect you against his Nan telling you she wants great-grandchildren, or a drunken uncle making jokes at your expense.

Act like a team and you can deal with any family situation.

Embrace it

Your in-laws will do Christmas differently, the roast potatoes might not be as good as at home and you may miss your siblings - but you are upsetting the balance of your other half's Christmas too.

No one wants a sulky guest at Christmas and remember that your partner's mum probably feels uneasy about having an outsider scrutinising her cooking.

Embrace this new chapter of traditions. Be kind, helpful and have fun. And if all else fails, just think that next year - it'll be your turn!

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