Top 5 DVDs we're watching this week

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Here's a pick of some of the most recent flick to hit the DVD shelves...

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The week has only just started but we're already looking forward to wrapping up with a cosy blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and distracting ourselves with these DVDs...


In the year 2074 time travel is invented and instantly used for bad. We are introduced Joe in the year 2034 where he works as a 'looper'. Loopers are special hit men that kill target who have been sent back to the past.

When his older self is sent back, Joe finds himself in a bit of a pickle. His old self escapes and the pair both end on a mission against each other as they battle over which future should come true.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis bounced off each other in the scenes they had together and we reckon they had as much fun filming them as we had watching it.

Looper, £9.99,


A film all about the creation of the vibrator. What's not to love?

The film is very tongue-in-cheek and we wouldn't want it any other way. While the film never tries to hide how hard things were for women in that time, the focus is instead placed of the comical back story of how one of the most profitable inventions was actually created as a sort of medical tool to cure 'crazy' women.

You just have to laugh at it all.

Hysteria, £17.99,

Now Is Good

Based on the best-selling novel Before I Die by Jenny Downham, we see Dakota Fanning play Tessa, a teenager dying of leukemia who creates a bucket list of things she'd like to do before she dies.

Naturally, losing her virginity is right up there on the list as it should be if a hottie like Jeremy Irvine enters your world. It's moving, heartbreaking but still fun and able to make you smile as Tessa falls in love.

Now Is Good, £12.99,

House At The End of the Street

Before Jennifer Lawrence started the survive The Hunger Games she had a go at a scary movie. Released after she began Katniss to us, House At The End Of The Street is a chilling thriller all about a girl who moves into a new town and begins to date what she thinks is a misunderstood neighbour.

We loved the twist at the end that makes you stop and think about what makes some people just snap!

House At The End Of The Street, £11.99,

Take This Waltz

We enter the world of Margot when she hits it off with an intriguing stranger. But, she's married and being a good wife she's quick to let him know this.

That's the end of that right? Turns out the sexy stranger is also her new neighbour! The film shows Margot's struggle in the tug of war between her sweet husband and the other man she can't get out of her mind.

Michelle Williams is amazing as always but it's Seth Rogen who really impresses in this bitter-sweet tale.

Take This Waltz, £10.55,

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