Review: Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and Matthew McConaughey in The Paperboy

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Find out why we gave the edgy drama flick four stars in our review

The Paperboy - Nicole Kidman
What's the film about?

Based on Pete Dexter's novel of the same name, The Paperboy takes us into the depths of a 1960's America.

Death row groupie Charlotte Bless convinces a Miami Times reporter and his writing partner into helping her get her convict fiancé out of prison.

With the help of the reporter's kid brother - who becomes infatuated with the blonde bombshell - the group set about finding out whether the convict was truly guilty of his crime.

Who's in it? Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack, Macy Gray

Handbag hearts:

If you've seen Precious then you will know just how much director Lee Daniels loves to focus on the raw, uncomfortable reality of human behaviour.

And he's continuing that trend with this flick as he takes us into the murky swamp waters of this edgy story.

The Paperboy isn't going to be comfortable viewing for a lot of people but at the same time, you have to see it to believe.

While we thought seeing Nicole Kidman peeing on Zac Efron would be the shocker of the film but way more OMG moments that had the entire audience in complete silence.

Nicole is on a roll at the moment (we really liked her latest flick, Stoker) as she revels in her sexed up barbie role.

For someone we've seen play more innocent characters, she definitely shines much more when she tackles more filthy material.

You'll definitely leave this film impressed with her dedication as an actress. She doesn't hold anything back!

Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron make for a very good brotherly duo. While Matthew continues to play roles far away from the shirtless rom-com hunks he's mostly known for, Zac doesn't mind adding a bit of flesh into the mix.

John Cusack is unbelievably good as convict Hilary Van Wetter. Scarily good in fact!

Altogether the cast gives a spellbinding performance that makes the film so memorable long after you leave the cinema.


Well we pretty gutted about the ending. This film is one of those ones were you might not leave feeling better than you did when you entered the cinema.

But that's what makes it so good! Either way you will definitely be affected by the story that is played out in front of you.

Verdict: Completely mesmerising and equally edgy, The Paperboy is a brilliantly filmed flick with amazing performances from the entire cast. 4 stars

P.S. We did appreciate the various moments of Zac Efron in his underwear. Like... a lot!

The Paperboy is out in cinemas from 15 March 2013.

Check out the trailer below and see if you can spot in there!



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