Dannii Minogue won't be returning to X Factor: 'It's not part of my life'

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Our second-favourite Minogue sister will be joining BINTM. Take that, Cowell.

Dannii Minogue

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Dannii Minogue is back in the UK and is really looking forward to getting back on TV as part of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.

According to The Sun, Dannii told interviewers that she has no plans to return to The X Factor: "X Factor is not part of my life, not now.

"I think it will be interesting for viewers to see me do something completely different. I can't wait to get back on British TV and I'm not nervous at all."

It doesn't sound like Dannii is too upset about spending time in London, either.

"Australia is home. I needed somewhere to call home. It is nice when we are here in London though, and we get time with Kylie."

She went on to say that her 3-year-old son Ethan listens to Kylie's music already, too: "Ethan listens to Kylie songs. She did a duet with Australian kids' characters the Wiggles and he loves it. He has also been to a Kylie concert. He was in the front row!"

What a lucky little boy!

We hope he discovers his mum's hits soon though. 'I Begin To Wonder' is still a Saturday night playlist staple:

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