10 ways to feel happy now

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Oi grumpy, boost your mood & get out of that slump with these 10 quick tips.

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Turn that frown upside down today and send out some proper feel-good vibes.

Not feeling it? Here are ten ways to share the love today and every day...

10 ways to get happy

1. Mind your Ps and Qs

Make an effort to say thank you for all those daily tasks that go unnoticed and start a chain reaction. Someone letting you off the tube, making your morning coffee, dropping off your post - it's the little things.

2. Pick up the phone

Who have you been meaning to call? Your Nan, that friend who is going through a tough time – don't put it off, brighten up their day and yours.

3. Celebrate your heroes

Publicly announce the heroes in your life on Twitter with the hashtag #handbagheros

4. Write a mega list

It's all too easy to focus on the negative. Write a list of ten things you are grateful for and make special mention of what's good in your life.

5. Think it, feel it

You can actualise a feeling of positivity by thinking positive thoughts. Your general mood will follow deliberate actions. So bring yourself out of that grump by thinking happy things! Singing along to this is bound to help...

6. Take a proper look in the mirror
Sure your abs could be flatter, but instead of only looking at the bad bits on your body – take a proper look at yourself. You're pretty darn fine aren't you? Hot stuff. Make a mental note of all the bits you like and vow to stop slagging off your bad bits.

7. Treat yourself to some me time

You work hard, you deserve a treat. Do that one silly little thing that makes you happy. We're not talking something that will make a dent in your bank balance – maybe it's taking a full guilt free lunch hour, or turning up the best of Beyoncé loud and practicing your moves. Do it.

8. Spread the love

Do something good for your fellow man. Donate a tenner to that charity you support or clear out your wardrobe and give your local charity shop a boost.

9. Take care of number one

It's time to start looking after you. A happy body means a happy mind. Eat well today, fit in a spot of mood-boosting exercise, drink plenty of water and go to bed at a reasonable hour. You know, all those things we're supposed to do but don't.

10. The last resort

Look at this picture of Ryan Gosling with his top off. Happiness established.

Ryan Gosling topless in Crazy, Stupid, Love

© Crazy, Stupid, Love

Gosling explains why his man pecs can cure unhappiness. Convincing stuff.

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