19 ways you know you're not feeling 22 like Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift might be feeling 22, we are not...

Taylor Swift in 22 music video

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So tonight Taylor Swift is feeling 22 again. Well, she is only 23 so it's probably not too much of a push. We on the other hand are not.

Here's when you know you are on the highway to 30 (and beyond)...

1. When sleeping off a hangover is the only option
A Migraleve, a dark room and 14 hours in bed please.

2. Birthday presents suck
When you start asking for towel sets, kitchen appliances and duvet covers for your birthday and Christmas you are officially an adult.

3. When your friend orders a soft drink you think she's pregnant
Watching your mates alcohol intake for signs that she's up duff is common. As is feeling watched by others.

4. You understand credit cards and air miles
And use them responsibly to buy quality items or save them for holidays.

5. When you feel like Forever 21 is mocking you

6. When the balance shifts from having as many married friends as single ones
Hello seven weddings to attend this summer.

7. You like spending time with your parents
And may even choose to go on holiday with them just because they're good company.

8. You have pulled a muscle or had heartburn this week

9. It's Britney, bitch
Knowing that Hit me baby one more time is 15 years old. This fact alone makes you old.

10. You buy items from proper shops
Your furniture comes from a furniture shop. You have clothes altered to fit. You're saving up to buy a design classic.

11. When your over dinner conversations included taxes
If mortgage rates, tax and general financial discussions are acceptable conversation starters.

12. When you've bought food by the weight over a counter.

13. You remember going to a friend's house/birthday party to watch slasher classic Scream.
That film is 16 years old.

14. You have emergency chairs
So that there is always adequate seating provided for guests.

15. If you buy good gin
There comes an age when buying supermarket own label spirits is no longer acceptable.

16. When booking a hotel instead of staying on your mate's floor just makes sense.

17. You've googled what causes varicose veins.

18. You ask your friends what time they are staying out til before the night has even begun.

19. You would rather pay for a taxi than get the night bus home.

Have we missed anything?



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