The Top 10 animated films

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Everyone loves an animated film, no matter what age you are! Here's our top 10...

Finding Nemo

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With Finding Nemo being re-released in cinemas so we can experience the animated film in 3D, we couldn't help but think about just how much we love animated movies.

We know they're meant for kids but we always find ourselves sitting down and watching along when they pop on TV.

Plus who can ever forget when they first watched Toy Story? It changed lives people!

Anyway, here's our top 10 animation films. Enjoy...

Finding Nemo

Where do even start with this animation? It's such a classic, we could probably quote the whole thing if we really had to.

Nemo, Dory, the seagulls, the sharks, every part of this film was great and rumour has it Finding Nemo 2 could be on the way soon!

Toy Story

The animation that makes us all fell like kids again. You know you used to think your toys came to life when you were younger, this film was the perfect animated film.

Altogether now, "You got a friend in me...."

Monster Inc

Monster Inc was too cute for it's own good. Playing again on childhood memories (or should we say fears) it'll always make our hearts melt to watch Mike and Sully become so attached to the adorable Boo.


Some animated films are so sweet and sad that we are moved to tears. But somehow the endings always leave you happy and feeling uplifted about life. Up is definitely one of these films!

The Incredibles

One of the best superhero films ever made. Forget Superman and Batman, it's all about this family of gifted heros! We especially love Edna Mode for being the super fashionita costume designer...


Another one of those sad but uplifting films that these animators are so good at making! We still can't over the fact the first 20 minutes of the film are in complete silence. We could feel Walli-e's loneliness in our very core but it's okay but the lovely Eva cam along!

A Bugs Life

Who remembers this? A Bugs Life is oldie but a goodie! Who knew a film about ants so be so cute?

Toy Story 3

We weren't sure what to expect with Toy Story 3 but boy did they deliver. Completely on par with the first film, the toys were back and took us to a very happy place just when we needed our animation hit.


An instant classic, Shrek was a fabulous spin on the classic fairytale! The princess kicked butt and Prince Charming was a ogre. You've got to love it!


The first merge of classic Disney fairytale (songs and all) with the beauty of 3D animation. Tangled was all sorts of amazing! We think feel happy knowing the kids today will still get the magic of Disney even with all the new cool tech stuff that around in Hollywood!

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