10 Things we know about Made In Chelsea New York

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Made In Chelsea may be over for now, but it's not long until the New York spin off show starts. So, what do we know - who will be there and who's dating who?

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Made In Chelsea New York has been filming for a little under a month now, and the drama is kicking off state side.

We've been doing our usual obessing sleuthing, and have rounded up the ten most important things to know about the spin off series to come.

Are Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing together now? Has Binky Felstead finally dumped Alex Mytton?

1. Has Binky dumped Alex Mytton?

The storyline that made the series finale borderline boring; it looks like Binky Felstead may finally have dumped Alex Mytton.

The be-quiffed cheater didn't appear to be in New York with her and was spotted getting drunk with some other young ladies in London, and it seems the pair had a failed reunion in The Big Apple.

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2. Are Stephanie and Stevie together?

After parting ways at the end of the series, it looks like Stephanie hopped over from LA to visit her English beau, but it doesn't seem like the pair are planning on starting a serious long term thing.

3. Jamie's still obsessed with Lucy

Some things never change...as this video of Lucy Watson's 'bubble butt' indicates

4. Andy Jordan has been replaced

Andy Jordan is too busy being a musician to go to New York.

We are very sad. And it seems Stevie isn't one to fly solo. He has a new wingman in the form of Oliver Proudlock.

In photos from their travels the pair are rarely apart. Sorry Andy.

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5. Potential new characters?

Of course, as always there will be new faces.

The question is who? We were wondering if Chloe Lloyd - the girl who Jamie had his dalliances with before - would be there, but it seems she is in fact in London.

We reckon Lucy's pleased!

It's safe to assume it will be a collection of love interests.

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6. Stevie's getting buff

It seems Stevie's finally been drinking the Coolade, or rather the protein shakes.

7. Is Riley trying to be Lucy Watson?

From intern to enemy, to mini me? Riley Uggla and new BFF Lucy are share more than just an ex now.

We barely recognised her with the brown hair.

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8. Sam Thompson is not there

Thank god for that.

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9. Jamie ends up in hospital

In typically dramatic fashion Jamie Laing ends up hospital after getting bitten by a spider.

To his great dismay it was not radioactive and as far as we know, he hasn't started fighting crime just yet.

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10. It's all about the ladies

Between the shouting and champagne spraying in the trailer, we caught the vibe that the boys were happy to all be single.

These lads are on the pull.



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