The Apprentice: Natalie Panayi says "I'm going to prove Lord Sugar wrong"

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Natalie Panayi talks about being the latest contestant fired from The Apprentince

Natalie Panayi on The Apprentice

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Natalie Panayi was part of a shock twist in The Apprentice this week after Lord Alan Sugar chose to fire her after already giving Kurt Wilson the finger of firing doom on last night's episode.

After finding herself back in the boardroom for a third time, Natalie admits she knew her time was up.

Speaking exclusively to, Rebecca said, "I'm obviously gutted to be going from the show.

"I said from the start that they chose the wrong caravan to sell in the task and it's clear that this was one of the reason why we lost."

But it's okay because Natalie is determined to prove Lord Sugar wrong now she's off the show.

She added, "I've now launched my fashion site,, which has a collection of evening and weekend dresses.

"We've put a lot of thought into each dress and have made sure to use high end luxury fabric without making the price of the dresses too high.

"Naturally I'm hoping it will be a big success and I will prove Lord Sugar wrong and show I really can manage a business."

Looking back at where she went wrong, Natalie admitted, "Not being the loudest definitely affected my chances and through my time on the show I've learnt that you have to make sure you trust you instincts.

"I felt I was too conscious to not make the wrong decision at the start of the show and that let to me not speaking up enough."

The Apprentice 2013

Lord Alan Sugar on The Apprentice

When we asked about the infamous Lord Sugar, Natalie revealed, "Yes being in the boardroom with Lord Sugar is very daunting but he is lovely. I don't blame him for firing me at all."

As for who she thinks will win, Natalie said, "I would like Leah to win. Miles is also a really good candidate but I would love to see Leah win it. "

Her advice for anyone thinking of going on the show, "Make sure you stand out but more importantly really think your business plan through.

"Don't just apply for fun, you really need to do the show for the right reasons or you won't get very far."

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