Top 5 body language tricks to help you feel confident in the workplace

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Feel confident and stay in control by mastering these simple body language tips...

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Feeling confident in the workplace sounds easy in theory, but in reality it can be a hard ask, especially with the 101 problems we all face on a daily basis.

We asked body language expert and Invisalign ambassador, Judi James, to reveal her top five insider tips to mastering basic body language tricks that will help boost your confidence in the workplace, leaving you feeling positive and ready for anything.

Take it away Judi...

1. Body language? Why do I need that rubbish?

A key thing to remember is that body language in the workplace is extremely important - on average, it covers approximately 55% of the perceived impact of any face to face conversation. So whatever issue you're having at work, you should always look confident and be open and positive in your body language, as well as through what you are saying.

Keep your shoulders back, stand up tall and breathe deeply to help maintain a strong and optimistic appearance. This will give the impression that you're in control and will effectively calm the people surrounding you, so that they automatically look to you for support and encouragement.

2. Smile

When we imagine someone being confident, we inevitably imagine them smiling. Interestingly, when you smile it boosts your own personal confidence, which we call 'changing your state', so you adopt the body language of the person you want to be rather than the person you're feeling like. Also, everybody likes to spend more time with people who appear confident in their skin, as it in turn makes us feel more comfortable.

3. Be firm

A solid handshake will never go amiss in a work environment. Rehearse your handshake as this greeting ritual can be very revealing. It is vital you use eye contact whenever shaking someone's hand and that you smile, even if the other person doesn't. Never offer the 'dead fish' handshake but avoid being over firm too.

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4. Performance art

Learn the art of 'performance smiling'! There are many occasions when we have to deal with colleagues in a critical or motivational way, and both situations require the correct smile. These 'performance smiles,' are socially driven, which doesn't mean to say that the smile is fake, but it will convey an overtly positive or encouraging message and above all an understanding of the person you're directing it at. People who can perform these smiles will do better at work as they will be able communicate with others more effectively, which will boost their confidence as well as your own.

5.Open your mind (and your ears)

The best way to feel confident in the workplace is to interact with your colleagues. This means actively listening to them, as this will create an impression of attractive confidence, social charisma and attentiveness. You can always plan your small-talk for the day or for a meeting, but keep in mind that the best way to make a connection and build an impression within the workplace will entail showing a genuine interest in your colleagues.

If the idea of smiling fills you with dread, or you're unhappy with your teeth, don't sit back and let it ruin your confidence. For more information and to find an Invisalign practitioner near you, click here. or visit

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