Forget Superman! Here are the 6 superpowers we really really want

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Forget Man of Steel flying and X-ray vision, we want these slightly more useful gifts...

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Henry Cavill is delicious as the latest incarnation of Clark Kent in Man of Steel, but if we were superheroes we'd want powers of a different kind. Sure, flying and x-ray vision are pretty darn awesome, but apart from skipping the commute and checking if someone's on the loo, they aren't going to make our lives much easier.

Jean Grey killed all her friends and Rogue can't even get a snog, so we don't want those powers. We don't want to become a range monster like The Hulk or climb up walls and shoot sticky webs like Spiderman. What we want are real female friendly powers!

Take a look at our top six superpower choices inspired by Man of Steel...

1. Queue skipping (without anyone getting annoyed): Imagine being able to skip a super-long queue at Starbucks or for the changing room in Primark. We'd be able to zap ourselves to the front without anyone noticing, which means no bitchy comments and no eye rolls. Result.

2. Jean woman! One super power we'd give up our GHDs for is the ability to find jeans that fit, without having to traipse round 30 shops and try on 1,000 pairs, which are either too big, too small or gaping at the waist. Plus an extension of our jeans superpower would involve never having to struggle to do the zip up ever again. Woop woop.

3. The human dustbin: This superhero incarnation can eat anything and everything and two dozen Galaxy chocolate bars won't make them feel sick. Calories won't matter with this superpower, we'll stay at our ideal healthy weight forever. We reckon our alter-ego would be a food critic...

4. Anti-hangover: Waking up the morning after the night before is no problem when you've got the anti-hangover superpower. Go on, drink that extra cocktail.

5. Time Turner: You know in Harry Potter how Hermione has that time turner thingi that allows her to take six classes at once. Well we want one of those. As this is superhero land and not wizard world, we'd be able to go back in time just by blinking, then we'd get that work project done and the office bitch can suck it!

6. Memory eraser: With this power we'd have the ability to banish all of our embarrassing moments from our friends' memories. That time we tripped up the stairs - vanished. When we had smudged our mascara but didn't realise until after that first date - vanished. Ah-May-Zing.

Take a look at some of our favourite superheroes in the gallery below...

What do you think? What superpower do you want?



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