5 things we've learnt about life from The Bling Ring

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Emma Watson's latest film has made us rethink the words 'home security'...

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Aaaah The Bling Ring, the true story of a bunch of Californian teens who were so stupid they almost went full circle and became celeb robbing geniuses. If you haven't seen the film yet, here's what you need to know...a group of middle class teens decided, hey, we know Paris Hilton is half way across the country, hey, we know where she lives, shall we, like, go rob her and hang out in her house?

What followed was a year of home burglaries, where the kids stole a staggering $3 million worth of clothes, shoes, jewellery, watches, art work and designer luggage. So, how did they do it? Read this article and then take a look below to find out the lessons we've learnt from the whole bling-tastic affair...

1. It doesn't matter who you are or where you live...LOCK YOUR HOUSE

Paris Hilton left a key under her door mat allowing the Bling Ring kids to just unlock the door and walk in. Her alarm wasn't set, even though she had one. One of the robbers, Rachel Lee, took Paris' key for her key-chain. When Paris discovered her key was missing, she simply put another one under the mat.

Amazingly, the teens never once broke in by smashing a window or kicking in a door. Every single house they burglarised, including Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge, had an open window or an open front door and no active alarm.

2. It's probably not a good idea to advertise your crimes on Facebook!

When Nick Prugo, Rachel Lee, Diana Tamayo and the rest of the Hollywood Burglar Bunch stole clothes, they wanted to show them off. They even took photos of themselves wearing stolen goods and posted them on Facebook - something that was later used against them in court. Nick was even wearing Orlando Bloom's t-shirt in his official police mug-shot!

3. Stupidity can't be used as a defence in the court of law

Emma Watson's character is based on Alexis Neiers - a semi socialite and reality TV star - who's obsession with meditation and karma literally came back to bite her in the arse. She claims that she accidentally attended the burglary of Orlando Bloom's home with Nick Prugo because she was drunk and didn't know what was going on. Hhhhhmmmm, she WAS caught on camera dragging bags of stolen goods out of the home though...

4. Liking a celebrity can quickly become an obsession

The Bling Ring movie really helps to show just how obsessed these teens were with their celebrity idols. The girls wore Miranda Kerr's underwear and stole Paris' shoes, even though they were three sizes too big. When he confessed all, Nick Prugo said that the bunch had wanted to emulate the celebrity lifestyle so badly they would have done anything. Really. Really. Scary.

5. Things can quickly spiral out of control - even if you don't want them too

What started as stealing a few bits and bobs (which is bad enough in itself) spiraled into a full on criminal organisation with outsiders like Johnny Ajar acting as a middle man, fencing items to willing buyers. By the end of their spree, the kids were packing up suitcases with stolen belongings and stealing artwork to decorate their own homes.

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