Should Katie Price always be so honest about her sex life?

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The model doesn't hold back about her ex-lovers in an interview with OK! Magazine

Katie Price OK! Magazine

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This is Katie Price's first interview with a magazine in three and a half years, so you just know it's going to be a corker! The glamour model and mum-of-four was asked all about her life with Kieran Hayler, the dramatic emergency c-section that nearly cost her her son Jett and her ex-lovers...all in a day's work right?

Here are a few choice quotes from the interview...

• On her ex-boyfriend Danny Cipriani, "He's got a chipolata!"

• On giving birth to Jett, "I was trying to explain to the doctor that I'd had postnatal depression with Junior, and that I didn't want to get it this time round."

• On privacy, "[Jett was born on] August 12, but no one knew that he'd been born until almost a week later. It just goes to show that in this industry you can keep things private."

• On her daughter Princess, "Princess tries to copy me, and when he cries she wants to pick him up and jiggle him about!"

• On sex, "Like I say to girls, if you like a man, don't open your legs straight away. And I didn't do that, even though I wanted to because as soon as I saw him [Kieran], I was like, oh my God, his body is incredible."

• On her son Harvey, "Sometimes he's just standing in the doorway of our bedroom staring - it's like paranormal activity!"

We can't say that we're big fans of this no-nonsense 100% honest approach to life. It only lands you in hot water and gives others the ammunition they need to throw your own dirty laundry in your face - something Katie has experienced with ex-husband Alex Reid.

Remember when Katie admitted she hadn't used protection in four years! Not only did we go eeeewwwww, but she was publicly criticised for setting a bad example to young women.

Despite this, Katie's up-front attitude and fly-on-the-wall reality TV programmes have built her a strong fan base of people, who seem to prefer her transparency. Take a look at these fan Tweets...

So, what do you think? Is Katie Prince being too honest or is she a breath of fresh air?



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