10 reasons you need to see Sandra Bullock in Gravity

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George Clooney & Sandra Bullock vs. Space. It's epic.

Sandra Bullock in Gravity

© Warner Bros

Gravity has to be one of the most hyped films of the year. But is it worth a watch? Hells yeah it is. And we'll tell you for why...

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney go up into space and while working on their mission, their shuttle gets hit by debris fifteen minutes into the film and then you spend the next one hour and 40 minutes sweating as the pair try and make it back to earth.

1. Gravity is beyond intense

After seeing this, we felt like we needed a nap. It was super intense, on the edge of your seat stuff from beginning to end.

2. There is no plot

Well, obviously there is a plot. But it is just Sandra Bullock gets stuck in space. There is no romantic love story, there is very minimal back story, there are no flashbacks to the life her and George left behind on earth - you don't even know why she is blummin' up there. And we enjoyed that immensely.

3. Sandra Bullock & George Clooney don't get it on

See point two. We're glad Bullock and Clooney didn't hook up on screen. It was refreshing to come out of a film and not be concerned whether it looked like the cast were banging in real life (even though we actually think they'd make a super great couple).

4. Sandra Bullock's muscles

Damn girl, you've got some serious toning. When Sandra's not in her space suit, she's in tight boxers - and she looks amazing. She obviously works out a lot and we just wanted to give a shout out to her thighs. Respect.

Sandra Bullock in Gravity

© Warner Bros

Sandra Bullock is an intergalactic hottie

5. Motion sickness

We've never been to a film before that has made us feel seasick.

We'll let Jamie Foxx sum it up for you...

6. George Clooney is adorable

That man just gets better with age. We love him and his character in this.

7. We don't care about science

Director Alfonso Cuarón admitted he knew of the scientific inaccuracies of the film from the beginning, but decided to not take out any nail biting suspense in favour of "irrelevant" scenes explaining the science. We're sure NASA will be egging your house Cuarón, but we think the film benefitted from that and appreciate that we learnt nothing.

8. You'll see space

You know those simulators you used to like going on at the fair - this is like a terrifying adult version. The visuals are amazing.

8. (again) No, like really - you'll have been to space

And never ever want to go back. Sorry Richard Branson - after watching this, we won't be booking a ticket on your space shuttle flights. Thanks but no thanks.

9. It'll make you love your friends & family

It is beautiful in space, but boy is it lonely. This film confirmed for us that man was not meant to live (or indeed die) alone. After watching this - all we wanted was a hug from someone we loved and to call our mums.

10. Gravity is awesome

That is all.



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