Can these budget tablet computers rival the iPad?

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From Aldi's Lifetab to Tescos' Hudl; these tablets are cheap and cheerful...

Aldi Lifetab - tablet computer - best budget buys - handbagcom

© Aldi

Confused by the Hudl? Even more confused by people fighting each other outside Aldi stores to snag a £79 tablet? Well, now's the time to work out what tablet is right for you.

Aldi's Lifetab is the latest discount offering to hit the market, but is it really worth the riots? And can anything compete with the iPad?

Here's what you need to know about the best budget buys before Christmas...

Aldi's Lifetab (above)

With 8GB of storage (i.e. not very much storage), this Aldi tablet has a small two megapixel camera and basic internet surfing capabilities. Great for children and casual users (you know, when you want to look up train times or check the weather), but it's not going to get you through the office presentation. At £79, it's cheap, cheerful, but very basic.

Tesco's Hudl

Not content with selling fruit and veg, Tesco have entered the tech market by launching the £119 Hudl - an Android running tablet that will be family focussed. It's got a slighlty better camera than Aldi's Lifetab, but it's miles ahead in terms of battery life and memory capabilities. It can stream music and movies too, so it's great for binge-watching Breaking Bad.

Tesco Hudl in red and purple

The Hudl has a 16GB memory...that's the same as the iPad Mini!

Argos' MyTablet

Almost identical to the Lifetab, this £99 tablet is basic but functional for internet surfing and checking emails. It runs on Android and looks great, but the screen quality is low, which makes playing games and streaming movies disappointing.

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD

At £119 it's not exactly cheap, but this e-reader-meets-tablet from beats its rivals with a brilliant high quality display for reading magazines and watching movies. With 8GB memory it's smaller than the Hudl (although a 16GB version is available for £139) and the Amazon app store lacks the sort of variety needed for a versatile family tablet. There's also no camera. We recommend this for reading obsessives who want a bit extra.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire is pretty darn impressive...

Google's Nexus 7 Tablet

John Lewis are stocking this £199.95 tablet with a long battery life, quick processing and a clear HD screen. It runs on the Android platform and comes complete with Google Play's app store, a decent camera and 16GB of memory. It might be more expensive, but it's definitely the better option for anyone who wants to use their tablet in the office.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab

Fork out £139 at and you'll be the proud owner of a slim, light and sturdy Samsung tablet with a two-way camera. You can choose from 8GB or 16GB memory and there's DropBox built in so you can send and receive work files. However, the screen qulaity isn't as impressive as the Kindle Fire or the Google Nexus.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Garnet Red Edition

Ooooh loving the Garnet Red Edition!

Our verdict? The iPad may be expensive, but it genuinely is the best tablet on the market. If you're not rolling in the cash, have a peek at this simple guide to choosing your budget device from the experts at John Lewis...

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