Billie Faiers pregnant with TOWIE's first baby?

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TOWIE star Billie Faiers and boyfriend Greg Shepherd are said to be expecting their first child

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Billie Faiers is said to be shaking things up on the set of The Only Way Is Essex, with the announcement that she's expecting her first child with boyfriend Greg.

Thought to be the first of the TOWIE cast to fall pregnant while still starring in the show, a source told The Sun, "Billie and Greg are over the moon. They've been a couple for two years now and love each other to bits."

Conveniently, Heat magazine recently asked Billie whether TOWIE could continue if a cast member became pregnant. To which she replied, "Yeah I think so.

"I mean, obviously each to their own, it's up to them. But I think that, you know, it's sort of like, the situation you're in.

"But I think that's part of what TOWIE is as well, it's seeing us, if you watch the episodes or series from two or three years ago, we've all changed and we're so much different to now."

So there you have it, we could soon see the first 'TOWIE does pregnancy.' Congratulations Billie and Greg!

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