New Terry Richardson sexual assualt claims

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Former model Charlotte Waters has come forward with a grim Terry Richardson story. How many reports of sexual assault will it take?

Terry Richardson taken by Alexa Chung

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Photographer Terry Richardson has once again been accused of sexual assault, this time by former nude model and art student Charlotte Waters, who claims he had her perform sex acts for his camera, before ejaculating in her eye.

Though the controversial photographer has been accused of unsavoury behaviour before, Charlotte's is perhaps the most detailed account so far, as told to

Recalling what happened when she went to his studio back in 2009 - she was 19 at the time and hasn't posed since - Charlotte's story is pretty grim.

Charlotte Waters on Terry Richardson

"A few weeks ago, I started seeing a lot of articles about Richardson and his behaviour that my friends were posting on Facebook. And I was like: 'I know exactly what these people are talking about!'

"I [initially went public with my story] through Reddit because I could do it anonymously, and that seemed like a safe way to start.

"I was 19 and in art school when I decided that I wanted to start nude modelling on the side for money because I was in college and poor. I went into it knowing that I was going to be nude. But I didn't at all anticipate how far he was going to go.

"He had me unbutton his pants, and he took his penis out, and it was all completely downhill from there.

"I felt like I was already in it to the point that I couldn't get out, which sounds kind of crazy, but I had the mentality of 19-year-old. I felt completely paralyzed and freaked out."

What Terry Richardson did to Charlotte Waters

"He had me pose [on the couch] with my back to him, and I literally felt him come over and start licking my ass. In my head I was like, Oh my God, what's happening?

"He told me to perform oral sex on him. He started aggressively kissing me. I don't even really remember what specific things were happening at that point, but he was directing everything.

"Like, 'OK squeeze my balls,' 'OK, put my dick in your mouth,' 'OK, now kiss me.' It wasn't intimate. He also straddled me and started jerking off on my face.

"He told me to keep my eyes open super wide. His assistant was standing right there too, and his cum got in my eyes. This was actually his favourite moment. He got so excited.

"He kept telling me to keep my eyes open, and he grabbed his camera, and his assistant had her little point-and-shoot, and they were just taking all these pictures of it.

"A week or two afterward I got missed call and voicemail, and it was from the assistant.

"She said something like 'Hey, I hope you're well. Terry really wants you to grow out your pubic hair, and we wanted to know if you can come on a trip with us up to this cabin. Three other girls your age will be there, and it will be a fun. We'll take lots of pictures.'

"I did not call back. And after that voicemail, I just tried to block everything out."

What should happen to Terry Richardson next?

Though Charlotte has since informed police about her ordeal, the fact that she didn't explicitly say 'no' to what was happening, leaves Terry in the clear.

So what do you think?

Should the celebrities stop posing for him after all these rumours and reports? Should somebody start investigating? Tweet us @handbagcom



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