Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson says Jamie Laing still loves her

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We sat down with Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson and she told us just how she and Jamie Laing are now, why she's happy they're not together and that reality TV cheat 'curse'.

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We met up with Made In Chelsea's local sass-pot Lucy Watson to talk love life, cheats and of course, Mr Jamie Laing.

When it comes to boys, Lucy is as uncompromising as ever, which is why she's glad that she and Jamie never started anything properly.

Speaking about his actions in Miami and his propensity to use the word love, we found out just how things are between them now.

She said, "Jamie and I never went out, we were never boyfriend and girlfriend so he never broke my heart, he just proved me right with his actions and I'm glad that we didn't embark on a relationship because I know that it would have ended badly.

So, I can't hate him, we are friends."

Thank god for that! Although by the sounds of ever the dramatist Jamie, he's still feeling the sting of not being as close to her.

So, does he need to find a new word, did she believe any of his many love confessions?

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Lucy and Jamie were spotted filming together just the other day

"It's really hard because I think that he does love me, whether he's in love with me is a different story.

You can love someone, which means you really care about them and think about them all the time, but when you're in love with someone, no you wouldn't hurt them, I don't think you would.

So, no I don't think he's in love with me," she said.

So, what about that reality TV show curse we spoke to Binky about? Does the show turn nice boys into monsters?

"I don't think it's all the boys, I think if you've got it in your already, it brings that side out of you even more. It's the same with the girls.

Having said that, there's not many girls out there that behave in that way.

To a certain extent, if you're young and you're going out anyway, you're going to have even more chance to go out and get with girls, it's just going to enhance any player attributes that you already have."

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Alex Mytton comes under fire for cheating rumours in the first episode

Now, we're not too sure about Alex Mytton's past but we're certainly going to keep this in mind when we're watching Made In Chelsea.

When it comes to staying with people who cheat she said, "I can't speak for what I think of other people and their actions but I personally would never do it because I did it in the past and it doesn't work.

If it was the other way around and it was a girl cheating on a guy they wouldn't have any of it so it has to be the same both ways."

We're speculating now, but communication between Lucy and Binky was minimal around January time - when the first part of the series was filmed - so perhaps this resolute attitude caused a few issues between the friends.

So will Lucy be getting back in the dating game this season?

"Im not against it, this is what I signed up for, if i'm dating someone i'd love it to be on the show.

I'm single and I'm happy being single. I think that's the best way to be, for me - i've had so many bad experiences, she said."

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Lucy Watson was in Battersea Park for's Bark In The Park social

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