Made In Chelsea: Lucy reveals how many times Alex Mytton cheated on Binky

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It was the Made In Chelsea moment we all feared - Alex Mytton has admitted that he cheated on Binky Felstead much more than once. So, are they back together anyway?

Made In Chelsea - series 7 - alex mytton cheated on Binky more times -

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Binky Felstead's angry resolve with her cheating ex-boyfriend Alex Mytton fizzled to nothing as Monday's Made In Chelsea start with the revelation that they'd slept together again.

Oh dear.

As Binks told her mum what had happened, it was clear she wasn't going to get the support she was hoping for.

Near tears, Mummy Felstead told her she was just scared that he'd just "pull the wool" over everyone's eyes again.

Little did she know just how much wool there was...maybe he keeps some of it in his massive hair [insert Mean Girls reference here].

As Louise Thompson told Binky how much she supported the idea of them getting back together - Stephanie Pratt made this face:

Made In Chelsea - series 7 - Stephanie Pratt - unsure face - alex mytton cheated on Binky more times -

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Things got extra awkward when Louise started bad mouthing Lucy - in front of Stephanie, which was an odd choice - maybe this is who she was referring to as a 'two face bitch' weeks ago...

As the girls got together for their netball match, of course, things came to a head between Lucy and Binky.

The once best friends shared a heartbreaking moment in which Binky told Lucy, "I'm not strong like you."

Lucy Watson was then forced to tell Binks about some other rumours she'd heard about Alex's indiscretions.

Fast forward to the end of the episode and Binky's confrontation of him and it emerges that he suddenly remembers at least four occasions when he did cheat on her.

The explanation? "A tunnel of lying" he couldn't get out of.

Relations between the friends are clearly still strained as the girls all took to Twitter last night to air some grievances.

Made In Chelsea - series 7 - netball - lucy - alex mytton cheated on Binky more times -

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Meanwhile the wettest man battle of all time between Sam Thompson and Stevie Johnson continued.

In the words of "rogue" Stevie, Sam made "as little sense as his sister" when he confronted him over breaking the bro code.

It's almost too pathetic a fight to even discuss, but basically, Stevie brought Riley banana bread, she secretly loved it and now Sam is trying to deal with having lost his girlfriend of one month.

They had been to Nandos, so it was probably love.

The Thompsons were playing a real blinder as Louise went on to bring up some seriously old beef with Lucy at a party they all attended in...wait for it...East London!

Embarrassing 'edgy' wardrobes and hip dance moves had us crossing fingers that this never happens again.

Do you think Binky will forgive Alex? Twitter makes it seem like she already has...

Referring to the epic slap on the next on preview:

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