Gwyneth Paltrow says it's ok to find her annoying

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Gwyneth Paltrow says celebs like her are annoying because they're pretty, rich and have fabulous lives. Nope, not annoyed at all.

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Gwyneth Paltrow told a few home truths at the Code Conference in California yesterday.

The actress was talking about social media in general at the tech event and surprisingly admitted she, like many other celebs, is annoying.

"Celebrities, we've always gotten stones thrown at us and, you know, for good reason: We're annoying. Some of us look okay, we look like we have money, our lives seem great. That may or may not be the case … Nevertheless, we get it" she said.

But while she said criticism is part and parcel of being a celeb, it could still feel like: "the scabs from your high school wounds being ripped off on a daily basis."

And although Gwynnie is often on Instagram, Twitter and blogging over at goop, her views on the future of society and social media are pretty bleak.

"The lack of empathy that is created when people can anonymously opine about the looks or actions of others … It's where we are in our culture. Yes, it does worry me, for the development of my kids and the next generation, that people can be so cruel without experiencing the consequences of being so cruel face to face."

Pretty bleak indeed if you think there's a whole host of trolls in the making.

But fear not, Gwyneth is still an optimist.

She doesn't care what anyone thinks of Goop, saying: "But I expect us to be ourselves no matter what the reaction, to know that it's okay to be at once irreverent and practical. … And above all, to not give a fuck if the Facebook guys think we're hot or not." Hear, hear.

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