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So, Apple are launching a fancy new iOS 8 for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. But what's it all about?

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So, Apple have unveiled their latest iPhone, iPad and iPod operating system, iOS 8, which launches this Autumn, probably at the same time as the iPhone 6.

This is all well and good, but how does it compare to the current iOS 7?

Obviously we don't quite get all the techie terms, so we turned to Twitter for an explanation we mere mortals can understand.

Better search browser

Forget Google, Spotlight, Apple's search feature powered by Bing, will let you search anything thanks to a new search bar in the middle of your screen.

Predictive keyboard

Texting and typing work emails for even quicker. QuickType will predict your next word based on your habits.

Improved iMessage

Apple have improved iMessage by letting you delete people and add locations to group messages, plus recording audio and video messages, which can then self-destruct.

iCloud drive

Much like DropBox, the iCloud Drive lets you upload any file type to the Cloud and then access it from any device. Sweet.

Health app

HealthKit is essentially your one-stop app for all things health. It pulls in data from third-party health apps and lets you chat to other fitness app users.

Plus there are talks enabling remote transmission of health data to your healthcare professional.

Control your home

That sinking feeling when you get to work and realise you haven't locked your door. There's an app for that.

HomeKit will let you control locks, doors, lights, cameras, temperature and switches by connecting to smart devices in your home.

Touch ID

Never worry about forgetting your password again, thanks to Touch ID, which is now open to third-party developers, meaning you might be able to use it for internet banking and shopping.



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