Lupita Nyong'o's first Vogue cover is predicatably amazing

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Lupita Nyong'o posing in Prada, Givenchy and Vera Wang. Need we say more?

lupita nyongo vogue cover - lupita in jumpsuit - day bag - handbag

© Vogue/Mikael Jansson

Let's face it, given her epic fashion credentials, Lupita Nyong'o's first ever Vogue cover wasn't going to be drab.

But even so, our mouths still dropped open a little bit when we saw the Oscar winner's Marrakech-themed shoot of the July issue.

Lupita looks like an utter fashion goddess as she poses in designer clothes by Vera Wang, Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Givenchy and Prada.

But before designers started rugby-tackling each other to dress her, Lupita made her own clothes "because it was cheaper than buying retail".

She even made her own prom dress: "It was a velvet miniskirt with a matching little top and an iridescent silver translucent fabric that flowed to the ground. It was kind of ridiculous, but it was fabulous at the time."

Sounds to us like she was ahead of the game with the whole crop top trend.

lupita nyongo vogue cover - lupita on sofa - day bag - handbag

© Vogue/Mikael Jansson

Though since then, the 12 Years a Slave star admitted she has fallen hard for red carpet fashion: "It's quite scary when you fall in love with a dress, because it's nothing to do with your brain. It's like a gut reaction." A girl after our own heart.

Oh, and just in case we weren't totally in love with her already, she comes out with this gem: "The red carpet feels like a war zone, except you cannot fly or fight; you just have to stand there and take it. I hope they don't make that the big quote! Because that would be sad! Tell them not to do that!" #girlcrush

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